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Upcoming Events

May 2, 2015

PremierToyota Event

Come test drive a new car and help earn money for Mane Stride.  Amherst location  11am-3pm

The mission of Mane Stride is to create a fun, educational, and therapeutic environment for children and adults with various disabilities by using the horse as a therapeutic tool and treatment strategy. Our goal is to assist our clients in achieving their individual goals.

July 18, 2015

Trot for Tots 5K Race

Kingston of Vermilion

Registration 7am.

​Kelly Aston

Featured Rider

My name is Kelly Aston.  When I was sixteen, my life took an unexpected turn.  I had a brainstem stroke which resulted in the disconnection of pathways from my brain to my body.  My family and I were informed by doctors that I had lost all function of my limbs, breath and speech.  They also told us that there was no hope for recovery.

​Despite the news we heard, my family and I went to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, the #1 hospital in America.  While I

was there, many of the pathways in my brain were reconnected.  I also made many friends: nurses, therapists, and patients.  I was discharged from the RIC in December.  Being back at home was a big adjustment for my family.and I.  I am currently partaking in physical, occupational and speech therapy at Firelands Regional Medical Center.  My dad and I are continuing to practice walking, sitting, standing, and rolling at home.  We also use e-stim which stands for electrical stimulation.  E-stim is a machine that is connected to pads that can be placed on the area of my skin that is to be activated.  E-stim is a very effective system that can be very helpful in my recovery.  It was not long before my aunt, who does dressage, recommended hippotherapy.  She explained it is horseback riding to help with balance.  My dad and I were skeptical at first.  But once we found out about the scholarship that would help with expenses we were all in.  

​      Doing hippotherapy is a great decision that I am so happy we made.  I have been attending for about three years and I have gotten really close with all the people at the barn.  Especially Becky, my physical therapist, Heidi, the helper and Ashley, the horse handler.  We always have so much fun and time flies by.  Afterward, Becky and I practice walking with the walker.  Doing this allows us to see the results of the horseback ride.  Often times, they will use different horses to produce different results.  For example I usually ride the horse Leah because she has a smooth, relaxing gait.  I have recently been riding the horse Sugar, who has a very bouncy gait that gives more input into the muscles.  Both give great results.

                        ​What's New???

Saturday, Sept 19

Amherst Eagles

Saturday, May 2nd

​Come Join us for our "carnival" fundraiser and test drive a car to raise money for Mane Stride!

.Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Join us at Deluca's in Lorain for the Special Needs Resource Day

5:30 pm-7:30pm and discover what resources are available in Lorain County

Come visit us at our booth and discover resources in Lorain County!!