School Programming

We are able to work with local schools to provide supplemental programs that provide students with exposure to therapeutic riding experiences.

This can include both mounted and un-mounted work to provide a riding lesson, educational experiences regarding caring, grooming, feeding and tacking a horse, arts and crafts, sensory and teamwork building games.

We are staffed with physical and occupational therapists, volunteers and horse experts and can work with your school to provide a unique and innovative program to supplement student curriculum for special needs students.

  Field Trips​/ Day Programs

  Field trips can be set up to provide a fun and educational experience for special needs kids and adults.

  Field Trips include:

  • Tours
  • Riding lessons
  • Grooming
  • Feeding
  • Tack and equipment education
  • ​Ground work

  Therapeutic Riding (TR)

   Therapeutic riding is a recreational activity that teaches horseback riding lessons adapted to the needs of the rider.  This is usually taught by a

   riding instructor. Therapeutic riding can be done with assist for leading the horse or with side-walkers to help with the safety of the rider.  The goal

   of TR is to get the rider to eventually ride independently.


  1. Riding skills
  2. Horsemanship skills
  3. Direction following skills
  4. safety awareness
  5. Independence

​  Consider therapeutic riding if:

  1. The client wishes to learn to ride a horse
  2. The client may need adaptations to riding (ramps or side-walkers)
  3. The  client wants to learn about how to tack, groom and care for a horse
  4. The client wishes to take part in horse shows


7. Relationship building

8. Balance

​9. Resposibility

6. Facilitate functional gait

7.  Sensory Integration

8. Muscle strengthening

​9. Motor and cognitve planning/organizational       thought and sequencing


Hippotherapy is a treatment strategy used by a licensed physical, occupational or speech therapist to improve the function of an individual by using the horse's movement as a tool to accomplish these goals.  Mane Stride currently has qualified physical and occupational therapists specifically trained to use the horse as a treatment strategy.  

The goal of using hippotherapy is to improve functional performance in daily activities like walking and fine motor activities by improving balance, posture, strength, and motor planning based on each person's individual goals.


  1. Midline orientation 
  2. Head/Trunk control
  3. Coordination and balance
  4. Endurance and mobility
  5. Increased muscle tone

​​Consider hippotherapy if:

  1. Your child currently has physical or occupational therapy goals
  2. Your child needs constant assist to re-position and maintain balance
  3. Your child has difficulty maintaining attention or staying alert and on task
  4. Your child has developmental delays affecting their ability to function in their environment
  5. Your child has a sensory integration disorder and their behavior is often affected with exposure to different sensory stimuli

Our hippotherapy program requires a physician referral and an initial evaluation to assess current functional levels of our clients.

Therapy may be covered by your insurance.  It is the responsibility of the client to look into this.  Mane Stride does not bill or submit to insurances.